I want a quote for some stickers printed. / Can I have a quote over the phone?

“Kindly fill-out the quote request form with complete details of the Sticker Mate that you want and our staff will get back to you via email, as soon as they can. Since we are doing all the transactions via email, much better if you can send us your enquiry online.”

I still have not received a quote e-mail.

Yahoo and Hotmail receive free email. If you set your spam filter at the provider, the mail sent from the printing press, and a forests “spam folders” may have been allocated to. You can check the Spam folder also.

I am in London, how much is your VAT?

We deliver in Europe wide and VAT + delivery is not included on the price given on the quotes.

I don’t have artwork yet, is it still possible to get a quote?

If it was on regular paper and vinyl stickers, yes you may. However, if you are inquiring about the Gold, Silver Paper Stickers and Window Stickers, we need to see your artwork first before giving a quote to identify the Colour quantities on it.

Do you do decals? (example:motorcycles)

Yes we can also do decals, as long as your desired stickers meet our requirements on quantity, artworks, and size.

I want my sticker to be 150cm.. / Can you do stickers in 3 meters? / I want my stickers in 4mm..

Any custom size sticker can be printed.

Do you do business cards?

Just informing you that Sticker Mate now came up to creating business cards as well. It may not be displayed yet on our site, but you may just also send us the specifications of your desired business cards and we’ll get back with quotes as soon as possible

Do you do stickers in sheets, on a roll and stickers with numbering?

“We supply stickers individually, on roll and in sheets as well depending on what our client’s advice us. Minimum order for stickers on roll must be 10,000, 250 in sheets as well as individual cut. We also do stickers with numberings, but it must first qualify our requirements and also its possibility will be based on its specifications.”

Why you do not have phone number?

Being an online printing company, we prefer communication by email. This ensures we can keep our prices low for you and our other customers. You will always be answered quickly and professionally by email.

I want to proceed on the order, what will I do next?

Simply send us your confirmation email to go ahead and we will be arranging the Final Proof, and invoice right away.

Is it possible for me to see a proof before payments and printing process?

Yes, of course. As on our process, it is due that we have to send you the Final Proof of your stickers and wait for your approval then you can make your payments before we proceed on printing.

What are the requirements for the artwork?

You may send us your artwork in any of the following formats: ai, pdf, eps, psd, high resolution jpg or original file.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We aim to dispatch all orders and received before 14:00 the same day. Delivery was due to 4-7 working days from order available. If you require your order for an urgent deadline, please contact us first, and we will see if we can accommodate.

What is your turn-around time? / I need my stickers 6 days from now.. / Do you do express post?

As stated on our site, our turn-around time is 4-6 working days, and we do not do Express Post nor accepts orders that need to be done on an Urgent Job.

I need 50 stickers printed.. / Can I order 200 stickers? / Can I have 2 different stickers 1000?

The minimum quantity per purchase that we require must be at least 250. And we do not allow having two designs for the price of 1000. Each design will have different price.

Is it possible for me to stay connected to you until I receive my orders?

Yes of course. You may always check on us via phone and e-mail to know the updates about the process and status of your orders.

I want my stickers on a custom shaped.. / I want my stickers cut on each letter or each piece of the actual artwork..

Yes we also do custom shaped stickers. In regarding to stickers cut into pieces of an artwork, no, we do not. Alphabet stickers may be possible depending on quantities of each letter.

When does the printing process begins?

We proceed in printing the stickers right after we receive the complete payments of the order and confirmations and approvals about the Final Proof we sent. We are not allowing to go ahead on the process if we are not yet receiving any approvals and payments from our clients.

I have an example of my stickers I want to be printed, can I drop by on your office or send this via mail?

You may do as you please, but it will be more economical for us if we do every enquiry via e-mail. You can just send us the scanned picture of your design stickers with all its specifications that will give us hint of what your stickers should be. If you find sending us your sample stickers will be better, then go ahead, and we’ll do our best to help you on your stickers.

What is the difference between Vinyl and PVC?

PVC is a versatile plastic that can be used to make hundreds of products. In its rigid form, it is found in pipes, siding and windows. When softened by the addition of phthalates, vinyl is used in medical supplies such as intravenous tubes, catheters and blood bags. Vinyl consumer products include toys, upholstery, plastic bags and credit cards.

Which material is 100% Water proof PVC or Vinyl?

Both materials are 100% water proof. PVC material is better for small product labels, which going to be used in wet environment. Example: Shampoo, Hand Wash, Beauty Products, Cleaning products and many more.

Vinyl normally use of outdoor, example, Banners, Signboards, Lettering etc

Can I just transfer funds for payments? I do not have PayPal account.. / Our company do not use PayPal.. / Can I pay Credit Card?

Yes. We do not accept payments in any kinds and forms.

Accepted payment methods: 

Direct Deposit Payments

Do you accept Cash?

Sorry. No cash payments accepted.

Can I place order first and pay on arrival?

No, All order has to be paid upfront in full amount. Printing process will not start unless payment received in full, by accepted payment methods.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We aim to dispatch all orders and received before 14:00 the same day. Delivery was due to 4-7 working days from order available. If you require your order for an urgent deadline, please contact us first, and we will see if we can accommodate.