Sticker Mate TERMS and CONDITIONS:

Terms & Conditions serves as an agreement between Us and the customer who uses the service; that they are deemed to have been accepted and fully understands the terms stated, and that Sticker Mate is not liable for any damages that might occur after each transactions due to misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the customer regarding what is written here.

Furthermore, This site is not used to be able to get any of the user’s consent.

We, as the manufacturers have the right or whatsoever to change any of the terms/statements without any prior and notice.


If the information in this site were used illegally through any of the following, We shall advice the suspension of the Service:

– Creating Child Pornography or Obscene Material

– Used to commit violating laws such as criminal acts and damage to anyone’s reputation and credibility

– An unauthorizes use of your account

– Found that when eligibility has been revoked concerning the past violations

– Committing violent behaviour to our notice due to unreasonable demands.


– All personal information supplied (i.e.: name, contact details and email address and address) will only be used for delivery of goods and paperwork procedures and will remain confidential between the company and clients alone.

Sticker Mate use fully the details given by the clients and are not liable to any problem in case of any of the following:

* Incomplete delivery address

* Wrong name (recipient name)

– Clients have no right or whatsoever to use our company’s profile in any way that might cause damage on our credibility. In short, if proven that one commits such act, We (Sticker Mate) shall do actions in legal ways.


We accept artworks in any of the files: pdf, eps, ai, psd, jpeg, png, tiff, crd, word document.

High-resolution files (at least 300dpi) and original file.

Clients should provide artworks in our specifications to come up with good quality of designs.


We use CMYK Full Colour Offset Printing.

We can also use Pantone Colours, but Sticker Mate will not be liable to problems that can occur on the colour gaps between CMYK and PMS especially if you did not specify the usage of PMS (Pantone Colours) in your job details.

**If you have a trademark colours for your company and that artwork colours should be what is to be printed. We highly recommend you to provide us the pantone colour code so we can match up the colours for printing. As we normally have 5-10% chances that colour may differ from what is approved. Failure to notify us about your pantone codes will not be subject for reproduction nor refund.

No Refunds / No Returns Policy:

All orders are made based on the specifications submitted or given by the clients. If we find we made error, we will reprint the stickers. Turn around time begins after the complete payments and proof approval.

There is no way for a client to cancel his order once he/she approved and paid the items and are processed and placed for printing.

If any of the 2 are received after 2pm (GMT+1) London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow), one working day will be added to the shipping times.

We always follow our standard turn around time. And Stickers Mate is not liable to any damages caused by the delay on its delivery.

If in case there will be technical problems occurred during the production that will affect its time frame, we will inform the clients right away.

Aside from the unexpected natural disaster’s that could cause delay, we, at Sticker Mate observe and follow the Holidays in United Kingdom wide.

Sticker Mate will not allow any returns or exchange of products if not reported immediately or within 7 working days after the delivery.

Shortage of the product must be reported within 7 working days after delivery.

Products switching are usually detected before the items are delivered. But if in case we are not able to, problem should be reported right away.

Sticker Mate only allows an order to be cancelled unless the production has not yet been processed.

We use CMYK Full Colour Offset Printing.

We can also use Pantone Colours, but Sticker Mate will not be liable to problems that can occur on the colour gaps between CMYK and PMS especially if you did not specify the usage of PMS (Pantone Colours) in your job details.

Things [re] production and not subject to refund

Our company has been printing with CMYK offset printing mode. When there is a colour designated, please specify in (PANTONE) features. We only process what the customer’s artwork provided.

From the fact that stickers may possibly have 1-3mm cutting error, We normally advise to have artworks with borders removed. But in any case you would still consider this with respect to the deviation of 1 ~ 3mm cut; we will not be able to support the re-production of the product on this matter.

Stickers are normally supplied and cut individually.

In order to deliver the goods at affordable prices, we, are stepping on the manufacturing process to reduce the cost as much as possible.

Therefore, there is a case to deliver the missing number in about 1-5% from the number of orders in very rare cases. If you would like to, please order a larger amount so that you will understand if you consider this a somewhat accurate number.

During the cutting, possible error occurs in the size of individual stickers, and can also occur on large quantities supplied on a roll or sheet. Therefore, the adhesive may adhere to the blade of the cutter pressure; the pressure-sensitive adhesive is attached to the side of the product.

Stickers slit (broken back), depending on the size of the sticker, basically contains one or several slits. Slit has no effect on the sticker size or above it, in the case of less than 50mm in size of one side or Do vertical-horizontal, regarding demand of the number or the presence or absence of the slit, we are not currently supported.

We make sure we are necessary to print, check the minimum entry only. (Such as a spelling error) is not covered by the content in terms of design, please check the data carefully before your draft.

Thank you for understanding the details above. On this regards we may not be able to support or re-produce your items nor have it refunded if it the damages or misconceptions of details are not specified clearly.

While we work to ensure there is no delay in the generation and delivery of defective products as far as possible. If as a result of an unavoidable circumstance, this situation occurs, we will support the re-production. In re-printing, we may not accept changes on print data while it’s on process. Note that, in the case of defective products received by any chance; please contact us within one week after delivery. If later, please understand that it cannot be guaranteed for re-production and considered as defective.

If you have a situation that cannot be avoided, we will refund only the amount of the commodity. Other warranty of any kind, we do not hold any liability for damages due to the delay in such delivery.

If you are not satisfied with a situation more than once products delivered by us, it may at the discretion of our company, to respond to refund 1/3 of the amount of goods.


– Transactions should be done via email. Confirmations over the phone are not accepted unless necessarily needed.

– All enquiries must have the information needed by the company.

– We never do any progress or step into the next process without confirmations from clients.

– Clients have to complete the said payment first before jumping to printing process.

– In every payment made, VAT and DELIVERY is included. Sticker Mate is always open to your suggestions, comments and reactions in improving our service.

It is advice to communicate with us right away for more questions and queries.